Monday, December 12, 2011

Former seaman gives semen! Free sperm for all!

No pun intended, but it's not too tough to get your hands on some quality sperm. If just about every guy above the age of 13 has access to it, by extension, so does every woman.

Unfortunately, the FDA believes a woman must be willing to spread her legs or pay thousands of dollars in order to enjoy the fruits of the widely popular commodity.

The agency says a California man named Trent is violating the law by sending free samples of his sperm to women and/or couples who want to raise a child. So far Trent has fathered at least 14 children. If Bob Marley was allowed to do it the old fashioned way, why can't Trent do it out of charity? A former Navy officer, Trent has moved from the honorable duty of a seaman to the equally proud semen duty for America's women. Good for him, and shame on the FDA!

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