Friday, August 26, 2011

Teachers turning to charity for class supplies

Public schools are in crisis. Budget cuts are forcing teachers out of work or to accept pay cuts that make it impossible to keep teaching and support a family. For the brave souls who soldier on, however, the meager paycheck is only the beginning of the problem.

Many teachers see the impact the cuts are having on students, who don't have access to basic classroom resources, and often they are forced to dig into their own pockets to provide things you'd expect would come with a public education: Maps, crayons, basketballs...the list continues. As a result, teachers are increasingly turning to, a website that raises money to buy supplies for teachers in cash-strapped schools.

Today we talk to Melanie Duppins, who oversees program expansion partnerships for Donors Choose. She tells us about the desperation within our education system, and what her group is doing to help.

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